Creating a Wine & Dine Area in the Heart of Your Garden

Spring is all over the city! Parks and forests are all green and lush, gardens start to bloom with all their charm and even the balconies of buildings are all colourful! Add to all that picturesque view the sunshine and the warmth of the sunlight and you got a scenery that simply lures you out the entire time. Yes people, luckily, the cold days are over! That leads to our most favourite home refreshment part ever: the garden, the outdoor setting uncovered and the cocktail bar getting ready. It’s a bliss to have a garden and be able to wine and dine every night under the shiny moon and the fresh air, surrounded by nature and your loved ones. And yes, romance in spring with dinner and wine under candlelights is an experience by itself.


So, let’s start with the outdoors refreshing procedure: besides trimming the bushes, watering the flowers and doing the much needed basic gardening, the next most important thing is to uncover, clean up and refresh the outdoor dining furniture. And if you don’t have it, or if the one you do have is worn out, old and simply not suitable for further use, then you definitely need to start searching for a brand new, modern and fancy outdoor dining furniture set.

You can choose between many materials for your outdoor furniture set.

  • Wicker, which is appealing, very convenient for maintenance and durable. You can complement it with cushions for seating and put glass over the dining table to create a real dining room seating set.
  • Plastic, which isn’t as sophisticated in its looks and therefore it’s a lot cheaper. I wouldn’t recommend this type of seating set for people who have large gardens, those specially designed and highly maintained. A plastic seating set would work as an eye-sore in that perfect area.
  • Furniture pieces made of metal are perfect for gardens that have a lot of industrial/vintage look – hanging plants, bushy fences and flowers in pale colours. Here I mainly refer to iron painted in white or some pastel nuance, which adds up to the romantic ambiance.
  • And finally, there’s the all-mighty timber. Timber is the partner in crime for highly exquisite gardens, those maintained by the centimetre in trimming and planting, where a careful selection of roses is planted beside the carefully chosen decorative trees and bushes. That’s why timber furniture is also an expensive variant. But lovely. Oh, so lovely.

After you’ve chosen the perfect set for your garden, put your imagination to work to create the ambiance. The ambiance is a very, very important detail. I don’t need to say that candles are a-must; they’re the ultimate ambiance creators. Whether you place them in candle glasses on the table or you put them in hanging candle holders, or maybe you go with lanterns, depends largely on the whole look of the garden.

Bottom line is, the style and appearance of the outdoor dining furniture matters. Comfort also matters, don’t forget that. And finally, take good care of your outdoor setting – you want it to serve you next year too.

Author: Christina Stone

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