BMX Safety Gear – the Basic Pieces for New Bikers

BMX cycling is a sport that involves a variety of exciting tricks. However, as much as thrilling and easy they might seem, they certainly involve some risks. Just one wrong move can easily result in a dangerous fall that might have unimaginable consequences. Considering the risks and the fact that experienced riders ride up to 40 to 50 kilometres per hour, it is of the utmost importance that BMX riders wear the right protective gear to keep themselves safe. If you are new to BMXing, below is a list of the proper cycling safety gear to wear when indulging in this sport.

Helmet, Gloves & Goggles

cycling safety gear

It is absolutely required that you wear an open face or a closed face helmet with a mouth guard when BMX cycling. Make sure to tightly secure and fasten this piece of cycling safety gear before taking on the road though. Gloves are a crucial consideration as well – they should be lightweight and have an excellent grip to obtain a firm grip of the handles when riding. Goggles are not a requirement but they can come in handy for rainy days to prevent any dirt and mud from getting in your eyes.

Knee/Shin & Elbow Pads

Bike Safety Gear
Knee and elbow pads act as your body’s first line of defense for any impact that it sustains. Although these pads are not required for BMX racing, your elbows and knees/shins are some of the most exposed areas when riding. Wearing these pieces of cycling safety gear whenever you go out to race will definitely keep you protected.


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You will need a long-sleeve shirt that is tucked in. Short sleeve and baggy shirts are not recommended because they can catch on the parts of the bike when performing tricks. The pants should be full-length and go all the way to the ankle. It is also important that the pants do not get caught in the bike chains or any bike parts. They should be made from a heavy material, such as denim, or be specific bike pants and not sweatpants because the lining material will easily tear if you accidentally fall. As for shoes, any sneakers that have a gripping bottom will be fine. It is important that the bottoms of the shoes are not smooth so that they are able to grip the pedals rather than slide off when riding and performing tricks.

As in all action sports, accidents do happen in BMXing as well and that is why you need to be equipped with all these items to protect yourself when going for a joyride and when performing tricks.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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