Bin Lifter Buying Guide

While wheelie bin lifters are often part of larger systems, like a garbage truck, there are smaller mobile units that can come in handy across many industries. Wheelie bin lifters are a great solution for emptying bins and drums. As the name suggests they are essentially machines that lift and invert wheelie bins to empty them. They are very convenient and practical, and they come with a variety of capacities and functionality. Also called bin tippers, bin lifters are a perfect way not only to manage the waste but also to avoid the risk of injury and keep your workers safe.
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Even though most people don’t notice or think about it, waste management is one of the essential aspects of everyday operations for many businesses, public or private institutions etc. This is why you should invest in a quality bin lift for proper, efficient, simple and safe waste collecting and handling. However, with a variety of choices, you need to make sure that you choose right. And in order to do so, it’s important that you take several things into consideration.


As we mentioned above, wheelie bin tippers come in many different capacities. Nevertheless, not all of them work the same way. Typically, they have a steel frame for the lifting mechanism, and they can be either operated by a chain or hydraulic. The machine lifts the wheelie bins after you place them in it, and then they are turned upside down and emptied.
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When it comes to the tipping bin mechanisms, there are two basic types: lift and tilt bin lifters and full swing bin lifters. Lift and tilt bin lifts are widely used in schools, offices, retail outlets, smaller factories, and other places where there are a lot of people coming and going. On the other hand, a full swing tipping bin lift is used in areas where movement is restricted and in controlled environments.

The Size and the Weight of the Bins

In order to choose the right bin lifter, first of all, you need to know the weight and the size of your wheelie bin or your dumper. Different lifters can lift different weights, generally from 30 kg to 250 kg, and they can lift from 80-litre bins all the way to 660-litre bins. Smaller capacity lifters should be used in places where wheelie bins aren’t tipped too often, and vice versa. Moreover, you should also know the height of the wheelie bin, drum or dumper, and make sure to choose a bin tipper that accommodates it.
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The Height of the Bins

Alternatively, you can also choose the bins according to the lifter you are buying, and buy them at the same time, to ensure that you won’t make any mistakes. Nevertheless, you should definitely know everything about where it will be operated. Determining the dimensions of the work area, as well as the foot traffic around it, can help you find the best wheelie bin lift for your place of business. For instance, because lift and tilt wheelie bin lifter have lower clearance, they are far more suitable for places with a low ceiling.

The Amount of Waste and the Frequency of Emptying the Bins

The amount of waste you are producing, as well as its nature – essentially its waste, is another important thing to take into consideration. This will determine how often you need to tip. That in turn, can help you decide on the type of mechanism you need. If you don’t tip too frequently, you can go for one that requires manual effort. On the other hand, you should choose an electric bin lifter to avoid muscles strains or injuries if you use it more times during the day. This will be very convenient for the workers, as they won’t use as much manual effort.
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The Benefits of Bin Lifters

In Australia waste has become a real problem, and proper collection and disposal can make a huge difference. And anything that can help you keep your place clean and properly dispose of your waste, is a great investment. So, if your business place or your institution produces a larger amount of waste, you should get a bin lifter, which will make waste collection and disposal easier. But there are also other benefits from using them.

First of all, they are a great aid for the people in charge of the waste disposal, because not only can they be operated easily, once the worker learns the process – making the workload easier and the task faster –, but they will also protect them from injuries that can happen during manual waste disposal, as well as contracting diseases from some types of waste.

More importantly for businesses, wheelie bin lifters can save you some money. Because they make the job easier, there won’t be a need for as many people managing the waste disposal – which ultimately means that investing in one is quite cost-efficient, on top of being convenient.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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