A Healthy Hollywood Trend: Let’s All Buy Some Garden Beds


Hollywood, as always, is facing a viral trend whose wave is not only sweeping celebrities, but the entire world as well. Once the cameras are turned off, many actors and singers put their boots on and get their hands dirty by connecting to the land. Yes, we’re talking about organic gardening! Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Jake Gyllenhaal and many more have accepted the organic way of life and promote the huge benefits of it.

Some celebrities garden for personal enjoyment, while others, such as Jake Gyllenhaal, garden for a good cause. Back in 2011 he joined the Edible Schoolyard Project to help kids grow and cook their own food. Thanks to the program, many kids have embraced the healthy lifestyle and parents were glad to buy raised garden bed so their little ones could do what they love. The intention of this project was to teach kids what it’s like to grow something so they can change their attitude towards what they eat – an idea that seems to be functioning quite well. Great job Jake!

Nicole Kidman on the other hand, found her passion for gardening during her first pregnancy. She has her own garden where she grows basically everything – from tomatoes and herbs to apples. In her interviews she has been repeatedly stating that, for her, gardening has been a real stress-relief during difficult times, so she thinks of gardening not just as a useful skill, but as a real mental therapy for the whole family.

For some actresses, being a mother is the most important role they’ve had in their life. One of them is Hollywood’s sweetheart and everyone’s all-time-favorite celebrity, Julia Roberts. With three children to take care of, our pretty woman with a beautiful smile still finds the time to look after her big organic garden. She says that good nutrition and educating the children about the origin of food should be a priority for every modern mother.

Gardening Couple

The idea to support organic gardens and greenery is not new in Hollywood and many other stars proudly talk about their home gardens filled with raised garden beds, trees and even farms. Hollywood has finally proven that fame is not only about money and power and that our favorite celebrities can use their star power to promote useful and healthy details from their private lives. Plus, isn’t the idea of keeping your fruits and vegetables free of pesticides attractive? For once we can actually follow a positive Hollywood trend, so let’s all go buy raised garden bed and fill them with delicious, organic veggies.

Author: Christina Stone

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