A Curvy Ladies’ Guide to Choosing the Best Swimsuit

For many curvy women, choosing a swimsuit is a nightmare. Every lady wants to pick a comfortable swimwear piece that will be flattering to her curves but supportive at the same time. Although this sounds challenging, it’s genuinely not, as today you can find a great selection of plus-size swimwear available. Here are some tips and tricks for finding the right piece to accentuate your curves in all the right ways.

Tone Down Your Problem Areas

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Your body will look its best when you’re comfortable in your skin. Sometimes, all you need is support and coverage to feel your best. Wearing swimsuits with compression or padding in the chest, buttocks, and stomach, depending on your physique, can help you feel more confident about your figure.

Ample Bust and Round Tummy

While women with smaller busts might envy bustier gals for their ample bosom, it can genuinely be very challenging for ladies with big busts to find supportive swimwear that’s not too revealing. And a round tummy is likely the number one insecurity for many women, not just the curvy ones.

The flattering coverage it provides, the endless mix-and-match possibilities, and the fact that you can dress them up or down make the tankini the most favoured swimwear choice for plus-size women worldwide. Tankini tops are the two-piece swimmers with attractive coverage and incredible style, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

Mixing and matching is a great way to express yourself and try different styles, giving you a new appearance and even more confidence. When looking for the perfect plus size tankini in Australia, you can create a stunning plain or a quirky pattern with infinite neckline possibilities to create the ideal look for you.

When choosing a tankini, opt for supporting features such as soft cups to create a smooth, natural bust shape or underwire for extra support. Check for convertible, adjustable or removable straps to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

While a plus size tankini top with power mesh provides a body-sculpting effect and incredible support, a flattering ruched detailing will sweep over your contours while concealing your bust in style. Compression materials can help shape your figure, and lift and support your contours. Opt for high-tech slimming fibres that can smooth out lumps, regulate your belly, and shape your waist.

When browsing for a plus size tankini Australia wide, ensure buying from a real curvy plus size range designed to complement and flatter fuller figures. That’s the only way to get a swimwear piece to fit your curves correctly.

Large Bottom

Choosing a suit with a well-cut, great-fitting bottom that smooths and sculpts your contours is the key to complimenting a fat rear end. The fabric should smooth your skin and embrace your figure without straining, bunching, riding up, or cutting into your body, whether you choose full-coverage swimsuits or something cheekier.

Understand Your Body Type

Looking for swimwear can feel more complicated than looking for women’s underwear or bras. Choosing the proper cut, colour, and fabric will make you feel more confident as you enjoy being outside in the sun. Knowing your body type will help you choose styles that flatter your shape.

Curvy body shapes include hourglass, apple, pear, and inverted triangles. Whether the fullness is in the hips, bottom, belly, bust, or a combination of these areas determines these body shapes. Some people have curvaceous bodies throughout. You can emphasise or minimise some body parts, such as your chest, stomach, or backside. Whatever you think of your physical form, you’ll want to highlight your most outstanding characteristics.


Hourglass figures have a smallish waist between equally broad shoulders and hips, resembling the letter X. These proportions are classically feminine. A V-neck or scoop-necked tank with a mid- or high-cut leg is a timeless style that will flatter your body. Belts, ruching, wrapped fronts, lacing, and mesh or tulle can help you make the most of your waist. You should also look for styles that raise and support your bust. Halter tops and scooped-out backs work well on this figure.


Apple shapes have a round torso, broad shoulders, and a generous bustline and are curvaceous all over. Plunging necklines and cuts above the waistline might draw attention to your upper body. Tummy control compression textiles can make you feel sculpted and confident in your shape. Fitted, wrapped, or crisscrossed tops contour and support your bust while bringing attention to your shoulders, face, and décolletage. A plunging neckline can lengthen your body while emphasising your curves, and displaying some skin with a higher-cut bottom can lengthen your legs.


A pear-shaped figure has large hips and thighs to balance off a tiny waist, chest, and shoulders. This body shape might seem feminine and charming in a well-cut bathing suit that emphasises your body’s lines. Improving your bustline can make you feel better about your proportions. Consider a neckline with a V, sweetheart, or crisscrossed pattern that attracts attention upward. A contrasting colour, bow accent, or lingerie-style top can also bring attention to your bust and face. Simultaneously, high-waisted bottoms and flowy skirts can draw attention to your torso.

Embracing your curves can make your waistline look tiny and showcase your most excellent features, even if you desire to minimise your bottom half. High-cut bottoms paired with a bandeau or ruffled off-the-shoulder top will give you the illusion of hourglass proportions. Prints, ruffles, and creative designs can all contribute to a well-balanced silhouette.

Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle body type has broad shoulders, a medium-to-large chest, and narrower hips and waist. This body type looks terrific in a swimming suit, accentuating your neck or hips. It looks great with a one-shoulder or a supportive halter-neck bathing suit. Feminine designs can soften your figure while emphasising your contours.

Extra Tips for Picking the Best Swimsuit for Curvy Gals

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Wear a Colour That Makes You Look Good

Bright colours can help you express your personality while also complementing your form. A cheerful colour that makes your skin glow will exude health and well-being. A traditional black swimming suit is a safe bet if colour isn’t your thing. Choose a simple, beautiful bathing suit with clean lines, or look for accents that elevate your outfit. The most crucial aspect is choosing a colour that complements your personality and makes you feel confident.

Prioritise Fit over Trendiness

Every woman has a different physique, and choosing the right swimsuit for your shape is essential to feeling beautiful. When shopping for swimwear, the goal is to select a model that flatters you. The ideal bathing suit accentuates your best features. While shopping, remember that while trends might be enjoyable, the right swimwear should be tailor-made for your figure.

Look for new styles each season, but keep in mind that recognising good design, quality fabrics, and cuts that complement your body will ensure you look amazing. Look for elements to complement your contours, and you’ll be walking confidently on the beach.

Author: Christina Stone

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