A Guide to a Scandinavian-Style Bedroom: How to Create a Cosy and Functional Space Where You Can Relax and Unwind

As modern times get more and more stressful, we all need some kind of an escape from reality where we can relax and gather our thoughts. This is why many people design their homes to be peaceful and comfortable. The Scandi-style perfectly encapsulates these two words, which is why it’s gained so much popularity in recent years.

It centres around minimalism, lack of clutter, comfy materials and soothing colour schemes. This makes it a perfect fit for a relaxing bedroom, and you can achieve this in five easy steps.

Start with the Bed

Scandinavian bed frame with black decoration
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Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, which makes it the most important element that boosts the style and comfort of the area. To set up a Scandi-style bed, you’ll need a simple and classy Scandinavian bed frame in a soothing colour. A warm wooden finish works beautifully for a rustic look, while neutral upholstery is more suitable for a contemporary look.

These frames are minimalistic and elegant with thin legs. They often sit lower than conventional frames, so that’s something to look out for if you’re used to sleeping in a tall bed. Nonetheless, the Scandi bed frames are exceptionally durable and fashionable. They’re constructed from high-quality wood that will last you for a long time and give your bedroom a dose of warmth and casual luxury. Their design is quite minimalistic, with simple straight lines or slightly curved lines.

The elegant simplicity of Scandinavian bed frames is what makes them so popular. Like many of the Scandi-style furnishings and designs, these frames are mostly centred around functionality. Manufacturers use high-quality hardwood, steel rails and other strong materials in their construction, which makes these bed frames last for many years. For this reason, most designs come with a long warranty period.

I simply adore my minimalist wooden Scandinavian bed frame for the warmth it exudes, its practical design and its simple aesthetic. It doesn’t look complex or overwhelm the space, which is the case with certain bed frames. Instead, it seamlessly integrates into the room.

Scandinavian architecture is renowned for its simple beauty and subtle elegance. Scandi beds are so basic that you can customise them with whatever you like. Decorating your bed with soft textured pillows and throws will enhance the cosy aesthetic even further. Just remember not to overdo it, as the Scandi-style is all about simplicity and practicality.

Use a Neutral Colour Scheme

As I mentioned, the Scandi-style is all about soothing neutral tones, so you should steer clear of loud and vibrant colours like bright yellows, fiery reds, moody purples, and so on. Scandinavian bedrooms often feature a few carefully selected colours. They have a lot of natural light and normally come in one of two colour schemes:

  • Deep and rich: These bedrooms either have a dark feature wall, all-dark walls, or a few dark-coloured fabrics that provide depth and cosiness to the area;
  • Bright: White and pastel shades of grey are another typical colour combination in Scandinavian bedrooms. The greys add a soothing, somewhat contrasting tone while maintaining the room’s brightness;
dark feature wall in Scandinavian Bedroom
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Scandinavian Bedroom with grey details and wall
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Add Texture

The focus in Scandinavian bedrooms is also on texture. To achieve the ideal blend of texture in the bedroom, add some soft crunched-up linens, thick blankets, heaps of pillows, and wooden accents with a stylish Scandi bed frame.

These elements will create a pleasing visual in the area while adding comfort. A cosy Scandinavian bedroom set-up will make you feel like you’re sleeping on clouds.

A woman sleeping on cloud
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Decorate Carefully

Scandinavian furniture and décor elements tend to be both useful and attractive. Each item is carefully chosen to ensure that it functions as more than just act as decoration. But what kind of decor is considered Scandinavian?

Here are three types of décor elements that are ideal for a Scandi-style bedroom:

  • Indoor plants: Whether it’s a sizeable indoor palm, a simple succulent on your nightstand, or fresh flowers in a vase on your dresser, these natural elements work great in a Scandinavian bedroom. Live plants not only look lovely, but they also help to clean your indoor air;
  • Textiles: Another way to spice up your minimalistic Scandi bedroom is by adding cosy textiles. In addition to adding warmth and comfort to the room, chunky knit blankets, wrinkled linen throws, plush rugs, and fluffy pillows make the bed seem gorgeous when they’re piled up on top of it;
  • Wall art: While art isn’t functional (unless you consider looking beautiful as a function), it adds some style and visual interest to your Scandi bedroom. Add some black and white photographs or prints in thin frames.
Scandinavian Bedroom with indoor plant, cosy blankets and pillows and six black frames photos
source: wayfair.com

Keep Furniture to a Minimum

Scandi bedrooms are focused on minimalism, so you should keep the amount of furniture in this area to a minimum. Clothing is often stored in wardrobes or on hanging rods inside the room, however, dressers are perfectly fine, if you’re already using them.

The nightstands in these bedrooms have distinctive materials and designs. Some people use simple items, like chairs and metal barrels for this purpose, while others don’t use nightstands at all. Scandinavian bedrooms often include chairs, baskets, crates, or stacks of magazines to give the space a simple yet utilitarian sense.

The biggest secret behind the aesthetic appeal of the Scandinavian style is the lack of clutter. So, before buying an item of furniture, think twice about its function in your space.

Simple Scandinavian bedroom with mirror and bed
source: apartmenttherapy.com

Author: Christina Stone

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