Turn Your Backyard into a Delightful Getaway

Nowadays, most people are stuck at home because of the Coronavirus. Whether you want to continue practising social distancing as a form of precaution or you don’t want to risk booking a flight and a hotel only for your plans to be cancelled, you’ve probably come to terms with the idea that this year’s holiday destination will be your home.

But spending your summer holiday at home doesn’t need to be a bad thing if you have a backyard or an outdoor space. So, until holiday season comes around you have just enough time to prepare your backyard. Although even the simplest landscape with a few flowers, shrubs and trees is pleasant to look at, you can step it up a notch and turn your backyard into a delightful holiday resort.

Outdoor Kitchen

Forget looking for the Garden of Eden by creating your own garden of eatin’. Cooking and dining outside is an enjoyable activity for the whole family and it will break up the monotonous routine of staying at home. Plus, you’ll save money on restaurant meals.


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Speaking of money, outdoor kitchens can help lower your utility bills. Since you’ll be cooking outside, there is no need to crank up the AC to cool down the house or to use the air purifier to get rid of the smell. Oh, and your outdoor kitchen might even pay off in the future should you consider to resell your home. Besides adding aesthetic value for your own pleasure, a practical and modern outdoor kitchen can also make your property more marketable and increase its resale value.

Furthermore, having an outdoor kitchen makes for some enjoyable outdoor entertaining. If you are planning a get-together with your friends, you can grill some delicious meals together while you socialise. Plus, considering the crazy times we are living in, eating and socialising outside is a much safer option because of the increased airflow.


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Depending on the space you are working with, you can choose an outdoor kitchen package with a pre-loaded configuration, a built-in outdoor kitchen or a fully customizable one that you can modify according to your needs. Stick to a simple yet modern design with a sleek finish and make sure that whatever option you choose will be timeless.

When it comes to the cooking gear, there are many state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen appliances that can help you channel your inner Gordon Ramsey while you enjoy the fresh scents and colours of your yard. A modern outdoor kitchen should have high-quality equipment including, but not limited to a BBQ grill, burner, sink, cupboard, drawers, prep surface and fridge. By making sure you have everything you need outside, you’ll save yourself from making trips to your indoor kitchen and risking having the food burned while you’re inside.

Lush Garden

A touch of nature will ease your worries and lighten your mood, something that you hope to get from a summer vacation. To create a similar effect, fill your garden with ravishing flowers such as hydrangea, azaleas and peonies and enchant it with lovely fragrance flowers like lavender. Plant a hackberry tree or quaking aspen to protect you from the burning sun and enjoy the mesmerizing sounds and movements. Consider adding a bit of privacy and a natural backdrop with plants such as the graceful emerald green thujas or bamboo. Decorate the lawn with pebbles and stones and create colourful paths to break up the look.

Beach Cabana

What kind of summer vacation would it be if you don’t have a peaceful spot to have your first cup of coffee in the morning or to enjoy your favourite book with a glass of refreshing lemonade? Create your own comfortable retreat similar to a beach cabana. With some simple tools and a little bit of skill, you can DIY the whole thing from start to finish. Instead of buying patio furniture, you can get some wooden pallets and assemble them into outdoor furniture like a fitted divan or a loveseat. Decorate with some fluffy cushions and pillows for the ultimate cosiness. You can hang your old shawl scarves as sheer curtains to seclude the space and ensure utmost freedom from disturbance. Top the project with some wind chimes and enjoy perfect lounging day and night.

Private Bar

Unfortunately, going out for drinks and summer night outs is not as fun as it used to be. Stay safe and fix your drinks in your very own bar in the comfort of your own backyard. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can even recreate your go-to place or get inspiration from your favourite TV show.

For instance, you can attach a gazebo to one of your walls or build a freestanding one among the plants to create a separate area for “night outs”. Instead of buying or building a bar from scratch, you can repaint an old cabinet and install a worktop. Put up some additional shelves and use them to display your drinks and keep your equipment at reach. With a little time and effort, you can even build your own bar stools from concrete or old pallets and decorate them according to your taste. Put up neon or vintage wall signs and add some ambience lighting fixtures to create a bar-like atmosphere.

Of course, don’t forget the music. Use the old stereo that just sits around the house and collects dust or buy a Bluetooth speaker and be a barman and a DJ as well.


If you have kids, leave some free space in your backyard and turn it into a playground. A swing set, a playhouse and a slide should be enough for starters. Playing outside is good for your children, and when options are limited, having a playground at home will definitely come in handy.

Same goes for your pets as well, leave a clutter-free area for your dogs and cats to explore or just chill in the great outdoors with you.

Author: Christina Stone

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