Pilsner Glass: The Perfect Kind of Glassware for the Lifestyle of Every Beer Lover

Now, we know wine drinking has a sort of je ne sais quoi exquisiteness when it comes to enjoying meals accompanied with a luxurious taste and given that its beginnings can be traced in antiquity, it only makes it rise in value. You might have also heard a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away, but there’s another alcoholic beverage that’s just what the doctor ordered, if not even better than wine regarding all the health benefits as it’s rich in antioxidants, vitamin B and protein so there are plenty of reasons to include beer drinking as part of your daily pleasures, if you already haven’t.

Pilsner Beer



Winemaking was special, but the ancient world loved beer to the degree that it even had its own goddess, Ninkasi. Ancient cultures, like the Sumerians of Mesopotamia, were dedicated to beer making so much so that they even had a hymn for Ninkasi. Fast forward to present day, with Michael Jackson’s The World Guide to Beer (not the musician but The Beer Hunter) and many beer festivals taking place worldwide annually, it’s become the drink that goes with just about every meal and is perfect for every occasion as well as lifestyle. Nothing would make it more enjoyable than drinking from a special glass that’s reserved just for beer-time as it can bring about the sense that you have your own beer drinking festival at home. In the world of beer glasses, the one that outmatches them all is the pilsner glass.

Beer with chicken

Sure you might use your regular mug, water glass or even drink up straight from the bottle, yet there’s a reason beer got its own glasses. It’s not about being posh but rather fully savouring the beer itself as much as you would when drinking wine from a specific wine glass. There are plenty of choices in a variety of sizes so you’re sure to find the pilsner glass for you. Unlike with mugs, pilsner are very easy to hold plus they are elegant. Their design is perfect for getting a better taste of the delicious foam as they are wider on the top and you get to see the exact colour and clarity of the beer. You won’t have much of a trouble introducing these glasses into your lifestyle because they can easily be combined with any kind of tableware.

Pilsner Beer


Though Australians are not that far behind, Europeans are among the world’s top beer drinkers, starting with the Czechs (no, not Germans, even despite Oktoberfest). It’s not surprising that the city of Plzeň is where all the Pilsner lager frenzy began, so you can find the connection with the glasses as well. Having the ideal glassware to match the beer, you might get inspired for future trips around the world and do your own beer tasting tour starting from Czech Republic’s Bohemia.

Author: Christina Stone

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