Our Simple Tips for Choosing Bathroom Toilets

The bathroom toilet is considered a pretty standard fixture, but when it comes to buying a new one for your home you can easily become overwhelmed by the hundreds of different bathroom toilets for sale available on the market. Choosing the right toilet for your bathroom plays a great role in its overall design and your comfort while using it, so make sure to keep in mind a few important considerations when shopping.

One or two piece

Two-piece bathroom toilets are the most popular choice and these consist of a separate seat base and a tank. The parts of two piece toilets fit perfectly well together, they are easier to be transported but they’re a bit harder to clean. One-piece toilets, on the other hand, are the more modern option but they are also a bit more expensive. Their style is seamless so there is less room for germs and dirt to accumulate, which means they are easy to clean. Apart from modern design, when looking for one-piece bathroom toilets for sale, you’ll also come across more traditional models, which makes them suitable for different bathroom styles. Both have their distinct benefits, which means that it all comes down to your budget and personal preferences.

High-tank or In-wall toilets

Toilets with high-tanks have an old-charm and that makes them ideal for traditional style bathrooms. They function the same like standard two-piece toilets, so the choice usually comes down to the look of the toiler rather than to its mechanics. Keep in mind that they can be a little more expensive but if you’re looking for an outstanding toilet that will make a difference in the way your bathroom looks like, you have the winner. As for in-wall toilets – worth noting is that their tank is installed inside the wall. They look rather luxurious and modern but they also require a bit more planning in advance.

Gravity or pressure assisted

If you choose an in-wall toilet, then you need to consider whether you want a toilet flushing mechanism that is pressure-assisted or a gravity-based one. Pressure-assisted toilets boost the natural flow of the water leaving the bowl cleaner. However, the composition of the wall, the position of the toilet and other factors too can greatly affect your choice.

Integrated or concealed base style

The style of the base is another important consideration for two reasons: aesthetics and cleaning. The more complex the base is the more spots for collecting dirt and possibly mold it will have. This, consequently, means that the toilet will require more frequent cleaning, so if this is not an issue for you then you can consider a concealed base style as it also the less expensive option. On the other hand, if you can afford to spend a little more, an integrated base style can be a nice upgrade to your modern bathroom as its simpler base also makes it easier to keep it clean.

Author: Christina Stone

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