Tips on Choosing False Lashes According to Your Eye Shape

Sometimes, even the best of thickening, curling and lengthening mascaras can’t do the job. Maybe they run too easily, or perhaps they clump within hours. This is one of the reasons why false eyelashes are all over the market in so many variations (wispies lashes, wicked lashes, 3D lashes) and are no longer reserved for special events or Halloween costumes. Nowadays, you can find a range of everyday fake lashes that give you the opportunity to rock an effortless, natural lash look. And, honestly, which woman doesn’t want that?

Those who’ve tried them before know how a fake eyelash can transform a makeup look. However, there is a fine line between eyes that appear more awake, brighter and utterly captivating, and eyes that are hidden underneath an overwhelming lash that doesn’t fit your eye shape. Hence the importance of finding out how a specific lash style will look on your particular eye shape. According to professionals, your eye shape determines how the lash will sit and look on your eyes. In other words, the lash you loved on your friend might not be so great on your eyes. Here are the suggested lashes for five common eye shapes.

Round Eyes

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If your iris is surrounded by white and doesn’t touch either the top or bottom of your eyelid, then you have round eyes. This eye type has a larger and more defined shape that makes it the focal point of the face. For rounded eyes, wispies lashes are the best option. But what does wispy lashes mean, you may ask? Wispy eyelashes are usually more feathery and natural-looking and they are stunningly long, which makes them ideal for large or deep-set eyes.

Almond Eyes

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This type of eye is oval-shaped with either one or two pointed corners. With almond eyes, just about every lash style will look good, so it will be more about choosing a style you feel confident wearing. If you are after a natural, everyday look, wicked lashes may be a good option for you. The thin band of these lashes makes them easy to use and they add a subtle but noticeable touch of volume.

Hooded Eyes

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For this eye shape, it’s important to pick a lash that has a dense base, such as 3D lashes. This way the lash will be thick enough to show through the heavier eyelid. If you choose falsies that are lighter and look like natural lashes, then your hooded eyelids might end up overpowering them. Opt for a thicker, spikier and more dramatic solution. Don’t worry, this style looks more intimidating in the box than it does on the eyes.

Monolid Eyes

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Monolid eyes generally have no crease, which means the surface of the eyelids can look flat. In this case, go for a dramatic and longer lash that will add more dimension to your eyes.

Downturned Eyes

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You know you have downturn eyes if their outer corners point downward. Go for a rounded lash shape as they often open up the eyes, offering a more natural-looking finish. Rounded lashes also help create the illusion of lifting downturned eyes.

Now that you’ve learned how to choose the best falsies for your eye shape, here are some tips on how to get the most out of them.

Never Sleep With Your Falsies On

When you sleep with your falsies on, they can easily get bent, tangled, or torn as you roll in bed. So, make sure to remove your fake eyelashes at the end of the day, clean them, and store them in their original packaging. I know this can be time-consuming, but it is necessary to prevent them from collecting dust and maintain their shape.

To clean your falsies, first, you will have to get rid of any buildup from glue or eyeshadow. Then, you can gently soak them in lukewarm water and with a cotton swab and eye makeup remover to clean what is left. Make sure to rinse the lashes thoroughly. Pat them dry and gently comb them with an eyelash comb before storing them in their tray.

Always Use Remover to Take Them Off

It might be quicker to just pull your falsies off, but faster is not always better. This will put stress on your eyelashes and may even rip out your real ones. Instead, use an eye makeup remover to prevent breaking down the lash strip. Using tweezers to remove the eyelashes is also not a good idea – gently use the pads of your fingertips to avoid crimping the eyelash hairs.

Avoid Mascara

Some beauty bloggers will tell you to coat your falsies with mascara to “blend” them in with your real lashes. However, this isn’t necessary when you have a quality pair of natural-looking lashes. Fake eyelashes are already long and dark enough that they don’t need mascara, which can only make them grimy and wear them out quicker.

Invest in Quality Lashes

Sometimes it might be tempting to buy falsies that cost a couple of bucks. But keep in mind that cheap lashes wear out quickly and can look really fake. Quality ones not only look more realistic, but they will also last you through multiple applications.

Author: Christina Stone

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