The Best Hiking Snacks to Take on Your Next Day Hike

If you are the adventurist type who loves going on exciting trips, exploring new areas and gazing at beautiful views, then you must also be a hiking fan. And why wouldn’t you be – besides filling your eyes and soul with breath-taking views, you are also getting in a fun and enjoyable workout. And there’s nothing better than spending a day in the outdoors, breathing in the fresh mountain air and moving your body.

So, if you frequently go hiking, you must be well acquainted with the pleasure that comes at snack time. For a good hike, you need quality and energizing hiking snacks. Choosing the right food for camping will help you feel ready to tackle any trail. Food can serve you as a fuel that gets you started, keeps you going, and helps you recover faster after a tiring hiking trip.

When you’re out there on the trail, your body exerts lots of energy. Therefore, when planning the hiking snacks you will take, you should look for ones that are lightweight, filling and nutritious enough to power your body. To give you a helping hand, here are some camping food ideas to consider when packing for your next hiking trip.

peanut butter

1. Peanut Butter

If you’re looking for an excuse to eat a lot of peanut butter, go hiking! This butter is full of protein, calories, and healthy fats. Its ingredients act as a natural fuel and keep you fuller for longer. The fat and the protein from peanut butter will give you the right dose of energy you need. Peanut butter makes a great combo with banana. Bananas provide a sweet contrast and fight off muscle cramps after a long day of climbing. In case you are allergic to peanuts, you can substitute it with any nut butter you like.


2. Pretzels

Since being super lightweight and easy to carry, pretzels are a good choice of food for hiking. They provide two things you need on a hike – easy to digest carbohydrates and sodium lost in sweat. Pretzels can be sweet or salty. Best for hiking are the ones with salt, which helps to replenish your body when you’re on an exhausting trip.

Dried and Fresh Fruit

3. Dried and Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit can be a great choice for a quick carb source while hiking. Cut up all your favourite fruits and toss them into a Tupperware container. For instance, slice up an orange. The orange juice helps with hydration and the fruit sugar is a good source of energy. Bananas are also good for energy as they’re rich in natural sugar which is necessary when you’re moving for hours on end. Or, you can make a mix – a fruit salad including your favourite seasoned fruits. Add some cinnamon or some cayenne pepper to jazz it up. However, if you go on a longer trip and you’re afraid of your fruit getting too squishy, you can pick energy-dense dried fruit like raisins, craisins, banana and apple chips, pineapple, and mango.

Beef Jerky

4. Beef Jerky

It’s a bit expensive, but this protein-packed treat has been a favourite among hikers for years. Beef jerky is great for long-distance hikes. It is delicious, easy to pack, helps refuel the muscles that you’ve been using, and it’s high in protein which can help keep your blood sugar at healthy levels. This option is very adequate for hiking because it also doesn’t need to be refrigerated, unlike traditional meats. Jerky is available in many different types of meat including turkey, salmon, beef and venison.

Granola Bars

5. Granola Bars

Granola is calorie-dense and rich in protein, fibre and micronutrients. It has rolled oats, nuts and a little bit of sweet flavour – what’s not to love about it? Granola is one of those hiking snacks that won’t go bad no matter how long your hike lasts. Homemade granola is much better than store-bought options as they often contain extra ingredients and sugar.

Trail Mix

6. Trail Mix

No hiking snack list would be complete without trail mix. This is an energizing snack which contains dried fruit, nuts and sometimes candy. The mixture of these ingredients will give you a huge boost of energy. Nuts are high in calories, protein and fat, giving you lasting energy. Dried fruits are a good source of quick energy and easily digestible carbs. Candies provide energy for physical activities, but they should be taken into moderate amounts. Trail mix is another hiking food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.


7. Vegetables

Vegetables are packed with nutrients that boost your immune system and help digestion. Hearty veggies such as carrots, celery and broccoli don’t have to be refrigerated. You can also consider taking cucumbers, which are the best hydrating veggie to snack on when you’re working up a sweat since they are mostly made of water. You can add a bit of hummus for additional protein to any of these options.

tuna for hiking

8. Tuna

You are probably wondering: tuna on the trail? But the truth is, a can of tuna is one of the best non-perishable snacks and packs of protein. It goes well with salty and cheesy Goldfish crackers. When you stop to take a break, you can use the crackers to scoop out the tuna, without having to use a bowl or a spoon. However, if Goldfish aren’t your thing, any kind of bread or cracker will do. This hiking snack is high in protein and low in sugar.

Author: Christina Stone

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