Outdoor Lights: Add Charm and Character to Your Outdoor Area

When it comes to preparing your outdoor area for the upcoming warm season, bringing the indoors out is a great way to do it. And besides choosing the right furniture, throw pillows and other decor pieces, the ambient won’t be right without choosing the right outdoor lights. Exterior lights are an integral part of your home and they can add to the curb appeal of your home. Besides, the right outdoor lights will also provide much-needed safety, so it’s of vital importance to choose the right ones for your needs.

Choose Your Lights According to the Area

Deck and Patio Lights

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Choosing lights for these areas is quite easy and simple since you can choose from an extensive range. However, out of all options available on the market, outside wall lights are the most commonly used type of light. They are mainly used for patios that are located outside the house, and for those decks and end-of-garden patios, you can opt for sunken spotlights that can be installedinto the deck itself. Make sure to keep things simple and minimal because achieving ambient and practical lighting is what you need.

Garden Lights

The idea of garden lights is to be decorative and functional at the same time. These lights can come in a huge variety of styles, great for enhancing the aesthetics of your garden area like the lower beds, trees, fountain, shrubs, pathways, etc.

Driveway Lights

As their name implies, these lights are designed to illuminate light driveways, pathways and other access areas. Look for lights that are bright and efficient enough to provide the needed illumination and safety, such as wall lights, bulkhead lights, bollard lights and in-ground lights.

Choose the Right Type

Wall Lights

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Outside wall lights can be used for illuminating different exterior areas. You can choose from a large selection of outdoor wall lighting ranging in purpose, look, style, material, shape and colour. Although the aesthetics of these lights can make or break the look of your outdoor area, don’t forget to consider their safety, durability and weather resistance. Since they are designed to be exposed to the elements, make sure to choose ones that are rated for heavy weather exposure. If you live in a particularly wet environment, it’s best if you look for wall lights with a marine-grade finish because they are resistant to heavy salt, UV and moisture exposure.

Given the fact that this is one of the most commonly used options, if you’re wondering ‘how many lumens for outdoor wall light’, they need around 50 -185 lumens. However, this can depend on the type of wall light you pick.

Bulkhead Lights

The perfect substitute for wall lights, bulkhead lights are functional, robust and effective, providing continual light. These can be used on both residential and commercial properties because they’re designed to withstand all types of weather conditions. Their greatest benefit is that they can be installed both on walls and ceilings.


Floodlights are very bright and have the ability to cast a wide range of light. Since they can illuminate large outdoor areas it’s more than understandable that they are used as secured lighting. Generally speaking, these lights are designed to be installed on walls and besides illuminating gardens, they can also be used for yards and parking areas.

Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are designed to provide navigational lighting along paths and driveways. For this purpose, they need to be installed at regular intervals to provide even lighting. They can come in different materials, styles, shapes, colours and heights, out of which the short and tall designs are the most commonly used.

Choose Based on the Power Source

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Mains Outdoor Lighting

For those of you who plan on installing lighting close to your home, you should pick mains powered outdoor lighting. These lights are designed to be powered from the home’s main power supply so it’s recommended for them to be installed by a professional.

Solar Lights

As their name implies, these lights are charged by solar energy and are considered the most affordable option on the market. They work quite simply, by storing the energy from the sun in a specially-designed battery that is activated when it gets dark.

Battery–Powered Lights

Battery-powered lights are great for short-term use and are not recommended for illuminating larger areas. They are perfect for occasional and decorative use. 

Author: Christina Stone

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