Importance of Path illumination: Lack of Light Taught Me a Lesson

They say that people learn best from their mistakes, and this couldn’t be any more true. Although I’m ashamed to admit it, but I had to spend the better part of this summer recovering from a broken ankle due to being negligent. What happened? One July evening, I was taking out the trash when I stumbled over a rock and fell face down on my garden path. When I got up, I couldn’t stand on my left foot as it hurt like hell. The awful pain was a signal that it was broken.

Spending an entire month in bed and adding 5 kilos to my body weight made me realize that I need to make my yard safer to walk around. The solution? Adding outdoor LED path lights. These small pieces of art did not only made my yard a more secure place, but also made it look much more eye appealing. Let’s go through some of the reasons why outdoor LED path lights are such a great choice.


Visibility Equals Safety

An illuminated path makes for a more welcoming home. Think about it, you will have guests coming over, and trust me, not all of them will know the layout of your garden and won’t be comfortable walking around in the darkness. Plus, just by illuminating the pathway, you create a barrier that prevents people from stepping onto your lawn. And by encircling a delicate flower bed, you’ll make it visible enough so that people won’t step on it or animals dig around it. Furthermore, steep steps are another safety risk to think about. Luckily, outdoor LED paths are designed so that they can be installed into any stairway. Safety and appeal, quite the winning combo!

Sophisticated Visual Element

Yes, safety and security are the most important reasons to use path lights, but with them comes an improved garden aesthetic appeal. Rather than suffocating the whole garden with a blanket of lights, a string of path lights along the walkway will look subtle and sophisticated. And with a good installation layout, you can create a visual path guiding people to different points of interest, such as a garden seating area or an awning. Moreover, these cute and unobtrusive lights do not have to be restricted to walkways and steps only. For instance, you can scatter them around the lawn and create an illusion of a starry sky in the middle of your garden. Let your imagination roam free and adorn your garden with these stylish visual elements.

LED Is a Huge Money Saver

Perhaps the number one reason why people are stingy regarding outdoor lighting is that they are afraid that it will greatly affect their electricity bill. However, outdoor LED path lights are an energy-efficient solution as they do not need to be replaced every six months like regular ones do. Actually, with proper care, they can run for about 50 000 hours. Additionally, LED bulbs use 80-85% less energy than incandescent ones, which means you will save a lot of money that you can invest in a nice garden lounge area, for example.

Author: Christina Stone

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