Home Office Trends for 2019

Whether self-employed or not, a lot of Australians call their home “the office” because they work at least one day per week from home. However, studies show that self-employment is on the rise which is why the need for having a home office is one the rise too. And while a lot of people think that working from home is boring and monotonous, there are others who think that working from home is miraculous. Besides working in pj’s from time to time (chuckles) another perk is the freedom to arrange your home office space according to your personal taste and newest office furniture trends.

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Fortunately, these days the home Australian office furniture is all about giving you the needed dash of modernism combined with exceptional functionality and storage options. Said in simple words, today’s home office furniture is all about creating a workspace that evokes happiness and one that inspires productivity. One of the biggest trends in home office furniture is the use of office guest chairs (both leather and fabric) that have soft lines and generous seat form for utmost comfort.

Promoting health and wellness is a trend that is here to stay. There are many ways in which people can enhance their wellness like improving the air quality, implementing more greenery and allowing access to natural light. However, the most important thing is investing in ergonomic pieces of Australian office furniture. Ergonomic chairs that have the needed neck and arms support, height-adjustable desks, as well as the ones that allow for a sit-standing type of work, are among the most popular types of ergonomic home office furniture pieces. The best part is that all of these ergonomic office furniture solutions don’t compromise the overall office style which allows for getting the best of both worlds – a stylish office that promotes well-being at work.

Finally, although natural light matters, adding some modern and fancy types of lighting as well as floor/desk lamp can make quite of a difference. This can make any type of office more complete while making you look like a professional who took care of everything. Some other finishing details one should pay attention to are wall clocks. There are lots of options to choose from, however, the newest trend comes in the form of stainless steel wall clocks (with or without a frame).

Author: Michael Hobbs

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