Christmas Gift Ideas for Talented Youngsters

Ever since we were kids, one of the most joyful activities for Christmas was when everyone gathered around the tree to open gifts. And even though celebrating Christmas as an adult may be a little bit different, it’s still very joyful to sit around the tree and open gifts with little ones.

But whether you’re a parent, older sibling, uncle, aunt or a family friend, choosing a lovely gift for your little bug can be an overwhelming experience, especially if they’re talented in a specific area. This is why we gathered a list of a couple of gift ideas you can put under the Christmas tree to make your favourite ones happy.

Kids NBA Jerseys for Young Basketball Enthusiasts

If your greatest concern these days is what do you get a kid who loves basketball, we’re sure that every young enthusiast would love to brag with a brand new NBA kids jersey. Kids look up to their favourite players like they’re invincible heroes, so why not give them the opportunity to proudly display their love towards their hero or team.

So, whether your youngster’s greatest dream is to become the next LeBron James or they’re passionately cheering for a specific NBA team, don’t wait to explore original NBA jerseys for kids and pick one for the upcoming Christmas celebration.

kid wearing nba jersey

The best thing about NBA jerseys for kids is that they come in a plethora of different sizes, colours, designs and feature all the players from specific NBA teams. In other words, we’re sure that you won’t struggle to choose the perfect junior NBA jersey, as long as you find out what team do they cheer for.

However, before you decide to purchase any NBA jersey for kids you’ll come across online, it’s best to ensure that you’re not paying for a fake NBA jersey, but you’re buying from a licensed store selling original NBA products. As a first indicator that will indicate a fake jersey, it’s best to check out the specific model’s price.

For instance, authentic jerseys for kids may cost up to $100, and make for the perfect gift for young basketball enthusiasts if your budget is allowing it. On the other hand, NBA basketball jerseys for kids can be also found in their cheaper replica versions, which would also work perfectly fine if you can’t afford an authentic one. Remember, replica does not mean a copy or a fake jersey, but a cheaper option of authentic jerseys made for basketball fans.

So, once you determine your little bug’s favourite player and the budget you can spare for the one’s Christmas gift, it’s time to wrap up your sleeves and start searching for the perfect NBA jersey.

Art and Craft Supplies for Young Artists

If your favourite youngster has a talent for crafting different pieces of art, make sure you throw yourself to searching for art supplies and pick something to enrich their crafty collection. Luckily, the market nowadays is overflowed with different art and craft supplies, which means it won’t be hard to tailor the perfect Christmas gift once you visit your favourite art supplies online store or the one in your area.

art for kids

For instance, if the youngster is passionate about drawing and painting masterpieces from their youngest age, we’re sure they would appreciate a brand new set of painting art supplies. Watercolour and tempera paints could be the perfect gift idea for kids and beginners in the world of painting.

On the other side, if your favourite youngster already started using advanced painting techniques, you can surprise them with a nice set of acrylic paints. Just make sure you carefully read the label and choose paints that are non-toxic and completely safe for kids, regardless of the type of paint you choose.

On the other hand, a youngster that has crafty hands and loves to form different shapes and figures would be very happy with a new set of sculpting and modelling art supplies. For instance, making forms out of clay is one of the activities many children find satisfying and amusing, and therefore makes for a great Christmas gift for talented kids. And same as paints, it’s best to ensure that you’re choosing non-toxic clays such as the ones that are based on flour, earth or oil.

drawing kit for kids

Finally, if you’re still not sure about your youngster’s preferences, or you want to stimulate their creative skills, many art supplies online and brick and mortar stores offer lovely Christmas gift kits and bundles such as beginner painting kits for one child and one adult, DIY jewellery kits and scrapbooking essentials starter kits.

Musical Instruments for Future Musicians

A musical instrument would be the perfect choice for all the children that are expressing enthusiasm for playing different notes and creating musical masterpieces. And if your youngster already started on their journey to creating music, they’d appreciate a brand new instrument into their collection. But if they haven’t received any instrument yet, don’t worry, you can always choose something appropriate for their age and their preferences.

For instance, a violin can be the ideal gift for the youngest musicians. Just make sure you go for a child-size one, and avoid other instruments of the same string family (such as cello or bass) since they can be too large for little hands.

musical instruments for kids

A guitar is a great option for children from 7 to 11 years. Children in this group of age usually have developed motor skills and large enough hands to handle this instrument. And except for that, guitars are very popular among kids. On the other hand, sax and clarinet also make for great instruments for kids this age since they aren’t only good for stimulating creativity, but they’re also ideal for growing hands and strengthening lungs.

Finally, for youngsters that are older than 11, drums can be the perfect instrument to challenge their musical skills. This is due to drums requiring the use of both, hands and feet and therefore are perfect for stimulating the creative flow as well as practising balance.

Now that you have a couple of ideas, don’t hesitate to hit the market and get the perfect Christmas gift to make your favourite youngsters happy.

Author: Christina Stone

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