Best Ways to Wear Basketball Jerseys

While you may want to represent your favourite team or player, with a Kevin Durant, Nikola Jokic or Giannis Antetokounmpo jersey at all times, you also know that there is a right and wrong time to do so. If you’re seeing your team in person, cheering them on from a sports bar, or watching the game with friends, now is the time to pull out your jersey.

Similarly, if your everyday streetwear style is more athletic or you’re a basketball player yourself, flaunt your collection with pride. However, because your jersey is a casual piece of clothing, you should avoid wearing it to restaurants, bars, and other more formal gatherings.

Let the Jersey Be the Focus

If you’re going to wear an NBA jersey as part of your casual streetwear ensemble, make it the focal point of your look—you want that jersey to stand out. Begin by planning your outfit around the jersey, which you can then base the rest of your clothes on to complement it. Fortunately for you, NBA jerseys typically come in a variety of vibrant colours and designs, making them easy to become the statement pieces of any outfit.

At the moment, the best player on the field also known as the Milwaukee Bucks “Greek Freak” has come a long way to deserve this title. You can easily style the latest NBA Antetokounmpo jersey and his team’s colours: green, white, black and blue and create fun outfits that match your personality and love for the best of the best in the game.

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Here are some styling tips to get you in the mood for your next shopping trip:


Wearing a t-shirt under your jersey is a popular look that has stood the test of time since the 1990s. However, not every t-shirt will make the perfect match. Graphic tees will be lost beneath; instead, choose a plain tee that will bring out the colour of the jersey. If you can’t decide on a colour, a classic white tee looks great for most of these outfits.

Long-Sleeved Shirt

Depending on the colour of your jersey, you can layer a casual shirt over the top of it to complement the colours. However, when compared to wearing a tee under your jersey, this look is much trickier to pull off. Avoid flannel with a check pattern and go for a more casual look. For the best result, the colour should contrast the main colour of the jersey, or if both are green, use contrasting shades.


Wearing your favourite jersey over a hoodie is a comfortable look when it’s cold outside but you still want to show off your basketball fanatism. Leave the graphic hoodies at home and stick to simple colours like white, grey, or black for under or over your jersey, just like you would with a t-shirt. If you intend to wear this, your NBA jersey may need to be sized up to comfortably fit over a warm and chunky top.

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If you’re going to wear a jacket over your jersey, you should keep your look clean and casual. Formal styles like blazers look out of place, so opt for denim jackets, puffers, and varsity bomber jackets instead.


Jeans are a must-have unisex fashion staple of streetwear style that looks great with any NBA jersey. Most styles of jeans will complement your jersey, so you can rock skinnier styles for a cleaner silhouette. However, loose jeans are the original streetwear pick.


Chinos are an alternative to jeans that provide a clean look to complement your jersey. Brown chinos look great when layered with a casual shirt or jacket over a green and white NBA Antetokounmpo jersey giving you a put-together outfit.

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If the temperature begins to rise, shorts can be worn with your NBA jersey. Choose a casual style, such as denim shorts or cuffed chino shorts, for your outing look. If you’re going to be on the court, you’ll need shorts that are comfortable, stretchy, and breathable.

Accessorising Your Jersey


Without the perfect matching hat, no basketball street look is complete. The choice is yours if you want to keep it simple with a logo cap or go all out with a printed snapback with a bandana underneath. When it gets cold outside, replace the cap with a colourful beanie.

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Sneakers are the best footwear that goes with your NBA jersey outfit. Their laid-back style makes for the ideal streetwear look—bonus points if you’re wearing basketball-inspired sneakers like Air Jordans or Chucks.


Who says basketball fans can’t rock tapers, rings, a nice sports watch or even a golden chain? Of course, you should try not to overdo it, but at the end of the day, your style is yours and you can accessorise it the way it fits you best.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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