Benefits of Owning a Swim Spa Over a Pool

If you love swimming or sunbathing, you’ve probably dreamed about having a pool right there in your backyard. But since having a yard big enough to build a swimming pool is not something that everyone is lucky to have, today there are various solutions to help you have this dream come true. My absolute favourite? A swim spa. Small in size but pretty big on function and looks, swim spas are a great outdoor relaxation accessory that doesn’t require much space.

Coming in sizes ranging from 2-3 meters in width and 3.5-6 meters in length, swim spas are smaller than in-ground swimming pools but also larger than hot tubs. With a swim spa, you’ll have all the benefits of a pool with plenty of usable space around it for things like sun-loungers and umbrellas. And the fact that swimming in a spa is nothing like swimming in a pool should be of no great concern. While in the pool you need to eventually stop and turn around, jets in the spa generate a current that applies pressure so you can swim continuously in place and strengthen your muscles.

Swim Spa

There are also plenty of cool features that come with a spa. Therapeutic jets that relax your body, hot water for the complete spa experience, comfortable seats to have a break from swimming, LED lights to set the mood, and many other bells and whistles. The fact that swim spas are heated means your swimming season can be extended for as long as you wish. On the other hand, with a swimming pool you really can’t get more than 3-4 months of fun time.

But if you plan on using your spa for an extended period of time, pay attention to the level of insulation. Additional insulation around the cabinet will ensure that the heat the water pumps and the heater generates won’t easily escape, further increasing the energy efficiency of the spa. The spa can also be made more energy-efficient through pressurized filtration, or in other words, programming the spa to run less when a certain amount of pressure is achieved.

And finally, the question that I bet popped into your mind – Is a spa easy to maintain? Good news is that swim spas require only a fraction of the maintenance that comes with having a pool, which you need to skim and scrub weekly – time which you could use to enjoy the nice weather. The smooth fibreglass coating on the surface of the spa is resistant to microbes and fungi, whereas the filtration system ensures there’s always clean water circulating. Plus, when compared to a large pool, a spa requires less chemicals to be kept hygienic, meaning swimming in it won’t be so harsh on your skin.


Author: Christina Stone

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