French Provincial Furniture: The Match for Every Home

There’s something je ne sais quoi about French, their culture, language and style that makes the whole world go crazy. I have the liberty to say so because I am one of those who went crazy for all things French a long time ago (two words – Eiffel Tower) and still am to this day. I bet even you, dear reader, can remember letting your mind wander off to that European piece of land, just thinking of strolling through the cobbled streets, sitting at a café by the Seine, binging on a freshly baked croissant, then treating yourself and enriching your wardrobe with some haute couture pieces to bring the spirit of Coco Chanel at home.

French Provincial Furniture

Mind trips like this have been part of my daydreaming for years, which influenced me to consider really giving my wardrobe a French makeover, and luckily it all then led to an actual trip to Paris. Years later, I still find myself longing for another adventure of the sort, and though it’s not something I can afford at the moment, I found a way to turn my surrounding world French thanks to French provincial furniture online search provided and I figured I’m not the only one so passionate about it. It’s become quite the trend. The reason for this popularity can be found in the charm of this particular style; radiating femininity, it is characterised by gentle tones and elegance (what’s not to love, right?).

What I particularly love about my new décor look is that it appears both refined and homely at the same time. The elements of luxury are combined with elements of warmth through the use of materials, such as stone and timber, which can usually be found in French countryside homes. While it all started with ordering French provincial furniture online for my kitchen, getting a sideboard, dining table and cross-back dining chairs, my impulse purchase spread to my living room and hallway. It may seem like I got myself in a shopping spree on the spur of the moment, but trust me, it’s something I’ve never regretted.

While it happens to be a very durable type of furniture, it’s also one that doesn’t go out of fashion, so it’s a win win! As it happens, it’s also easy to decorate too. As soon as I implemented it at home, I opened up the gate to plenty of decorating possibilities with lots of colours, patterns and materials included in the game and it’s something I still have fun doing whenever I feel my home is in need of some change. If you haven’t yet given this style a try, I warmly recommend it.

Author: Christina Stone

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