Useful Things to Keep in Your Purse

Women and bags have a relationship that men don’t always seem to understand. As puzzling as it may be, the reason we share a love for bags can be explained by the mere necessity to have our essentials at hand wherever we may be. Many people claim that they’d feel naked leaving home without a bag. I always want to look good and be ready to go at all times, no matter the occasion, which is why I almost never leave home without my bag of essentials.

Makeup Mirror

Since we’re all different, the items that can be found in a woman’s bag can vary. However, there are some bare necessities that I consider to be universal, like a handy makeup mirror. I usually use it to fix my winged eyeliner, adding a bit of colour to my cheeks, or checking my pearly whites to see whether I have food stuck on them after having lunch.

Other than helping me to always look my best thanks to their smart design of combining normal and magnified mirrors, another thing that I love about my makeup mirror is its compactness. I can put it in all my bags regardless of their size and carry it with mе without weighing me down. Not to mention all the cute designs that beauty mirrors come in. Whenever I take it out of my bag to check my makeup I feel classy and confident that I’m showing off an accessory that radiates such style.

Makeup Bag

What would be the point of checking out myself in the small cosmetic mirror if I’m not carrying my makeup basics to correct my look and add a finishing touch when needed? Even though I don’t usually carry a large makeup bag in every bag I have with me due to the space concern, there are four essentials I always have at hand: lip balm, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. What I love about them is that even if I don’t have a makeup bag on me, I can always put them in some tiny pocket or compartment of my bag.


Whenever I go out with a small purse, I usually take my cardholder instead of my wallet. It’s much smaller and easier to carry and it has various compartments to store a bit of cash, my credit cards, public transportation ones and business cards.


Though I’m usually not a clumsy person, accidents can happen at any time, anywhere. This is why having band-aid in your purse to help cover up cuts and bruises is more than welcome. Plus, these pieces are great for helping you get through the day in those uncomfortable shoes without getting any blisters.


I’m not exactly a germophobe but the thought of accidentally touching my face to reapply lipstick and fix my makeup after riding on a public bus makes me jump out of my skin. Having a hand-sanitizer with me gives me the peace of mind that my hands are germ-free and clean.




No matter how punctual your Aunt Flo may be, it can still catch you by surprise. Compact and lightweight, having a couple of tampons in your bag can be a lifesaver. If not for you, then I’m sure you can help a friend in need.


Some days I just don’t want to apply any makeup on my face and I’d much rather look natural and put moisturizer on it. It protects my skin from the elements and it keeps it sufficiently hydrated. I’ll admit it, when I don’t have enough space in my purse for a hand cream, I just use my face moisturizer.

Medicine Pouch

Even if I don’t have any medication that I have to take every day, I always try to fit in a small medicine pouch in my bag. Vitamins C and B are always a welcome ally in the fight for a healthier and stress-free day. Also, I always make sure to have at least a couple of pills for headache and cramps which can be a lifesaver in times of need. Better having them in my purse than getting to the point of being desperate in search for a pharmacy.

Author: Christina Stone

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