Turn Your Home into a Haven

A home isn’t just meant to be a place to live, it’s supposed to be a happy abode, hence the saying “home sweet home”. You can’t expect to be excited about being home if you don’t exactly have the surroundings that evoke positive feelings in you. As it happens, most of us make the mistake of steering our homes to the role of functionality, so we fill them up with more functional items than ones we enjoy the sight of, then we end up wondering why it is our very own interiors feel monotonous.

A home can be enjoyable when we feel comfortable in it, the place of relaxation rather than the place that stresses us out. You can change the dynamics in your nest by turning it into a haven, and you can start out by creating a relaxation spot. The reason we enjoy the thought of spending time at the spa is because of the atmosphere it has, and great news is if you can’t afford to visit spas regularly you can bring the spa into your abode with the help of a home far infrared sauna. The latest design of a sauna like this differs from a traditional sauna in the use of dry and radiant heat that’s known to penetrate the body without even affecting the temperature of the room.


Another plus of having a home far infrared sauna is you can place it anywhere you want, given that it’s portable. This means you have all the freedom at hand to use up your space ultimately, not worrying if you have the space enough to even create a relaxation spot as it can be placed on the floor, a firm bed or a massage table. Regular use of an infrared sauna can affect overall well-being, improving blood circulation, strengthening the cardiovascular system, improving mood, reducing anxiety and stress, boosting the immune system, deep cleansing and skin purification, including stimulate weight loss by being an efficient fat-burning option.

Relaxation like this calls for increased awakening of all the senses through the use of music and aromas as well. Whenever you’re using the sauna, play some serene music and make aromatherapy part of your “me time” by using essential oils. Trust us, music and lovely smells can really brighten up a space. Speaking of brightness, you can also use lighting to your advantage by opting for hues that are relaxing instead of glaring ones. Sure, different tasks require different degrees of brightness which is why it’s best to go for dimmable options so you have control over lighting.

Home can stress us out when there’s mess around and things that remind us of work constantly, so if you want to create a haven it’s time to welcome uncluttering into your life and stop bringing work home for once, or at least try to hide the work-related stuff away from sight, especially at night. Less is always more, as minimalists would say, so you can get rid of anything that’s no longer of use to you and fill up your home with items that are of value, near and dear to you.


Author: Christina Stone

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