The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Men’s Sandals

If you’re thinking about adding a pair of sandals to your summer footwear collection – good idea! Even though they have a bad reputation among certain groups of people, nobody can really blame you for wanting a bit of ventilation on your feet as the temperatures rise. But the truth is, whether you look good or not in sandals – it all comes down to how you wear them. So unless you’re wearing them at the beach, there are some simple guidelines that you should follow. Here are some of the strong dos and don’ts that you should consider when thinking about wearing sandals.

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First and foremost, take care of your feet. Since you’ll be exposing them for the world to see, make sure they look good – cut your toenails, get a pedicure even. Pedicures aren’t manly enough for you? Then you’re not manly enough to rock sandals, it is as simple as that. Just because there’s this unwritten rule that pedicures are just for women, that doesn’t mean that everyone should blindly follow it and that it is true. By the way, plenty of men get pedicures, including a lot of celebrities.

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Next, make sure you get high-quality sandals. There are various mens sandals Australia online stores where you can find quality and modern male sandals. If you’re confident enough, ask for the type of mens sandals Australia beachgoers wear and ask them where they got them. Look for comfort, style, and durability. Furthermore, it is a good idea to roll up your pants a bit when wearing sandals. Since the goal is to get proper ventilation in your feet, roll up the pants above the ankles and do a pinroll. Pinch the inseam and fold it in. Cuff the pants once so that they look neat when wearing sandals. It’s a classic summer look that will get you more style points.

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Now that you know about the do’s of wearing sandals, here are some of the don’ts. The first don’t is (and it’s a big one) – don’t wear sandals on a date, or in the office. No matter how good or cute you think your feet may look, just don’t wear sandals on formal occasions. You should always dress to impress, and even though some men can seriously impress with their sandals, they should just save them for informal occasions. The next big don’t is – don’t wear them with socks. I don’t care what anyone says – sandals and socks don’t go together. Oh, you’re cold? Wear shoes then.

Bottom line is, as long as you follow these few simple rules, fewer people will give you a hard time about wearing sandals.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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