Preparation is Key for an Adventurous Camping Lifestyle

There comes a time when we all just need a break out of the same old same old and yet, we still give preference to work obligations rather than a timeout to recharge our long lost energy. Whether we realise it or not, we all have to include vacationing more in our lives, and there’s no better companion than nature – just what we modern people need to get back to the essence of being and connect with ourselves and mother Earth. If you want to find your inner peace and see what you’re made of, then you should give camping a chance (that is, if you haven’t already).


Though I’ve always been fascinated by that kind of adventure, it took me a while to actually consider it, but once I did, it felt like it was just the thing that was missing in my life puzzle. Now, whenever I can, I take out the map and choose the next location immediately, with most things already packed in advance. Since I’ve chosen this kind of lifestyle, I’ve learnt preparation is the key for a stress-free, fun and safe experience. When you’re a beginner, it all seems exciting until the organising stage appears but don’t let that put you off. It’s all worth it, and once you know how and what to pack, it turns into a habit you get to love doing; you get a new skill, you become a pro at camp preparations. It all begins with the tent and, though it could look rather complicated, it’s as simple as doing a good search for camping tents online and reading their specifications.

The temptation to pack lightly can come over you because of fear you’d end up like every other camper, bringing your whole home out and straining your strength to the limit carrying the load but that mustn’t interfere with your tent choice – always go for camping over backpacking tent, even if the backpacking one is lighter. A tent isn’t just supposed to provide covering but be comfortable enough, something you can’t get from backpacking tents. With the many types of camping tents online, you are sure to find the one that can be your home away from home, to protect you from the weather conditions and give you the necessary comfort to sleep, read and hang out with loved ones without being annoyed by a low ceiling or spending hours for the setup.


The tent cosiness also includes a nice sleeping bag and the pillow that makes you sail away in the land of dreams immediately after you hit it. Nothing replaces a good night’s sleep, even when you’re out in nature, so why risk having sleepless time away from work? After giving everything else much thought the first time I prepared for camping, I’d forgotten to take care of the clothing so make sure you don’t do the same mistake and stay away from cotton. Moisture-wicking and wool clothes are the ideal choice. Of course, don’t forget to think with your belly and stack up on snacks and water, using frozen vegetables as ice. Last but not least, remember to have fun. It may not be what you expected at first, since it’s not that easy to get rid of the urge to go back to the city hustle and bustle, but it’s all worth it when you get to the zen state of mind even without meditation.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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