Patio Covers: Take Your Outdoor Space Back from Mother Nature

Spending quality time outside can be a bonding experience for family and friends alike. A simple addition as a patio cover can upgrade the look, feel and functionality of your home’s exterior place. The result is an extra usable area that you can turn into an entertainment space or a personal retreat centre. And it only gets better…

They Keep You Cool and Dry

Patio Cover Cool and Dry

Once you decide to invest in a cover or shade, you and your guests will be able to use your outdoor space even when it is too sunny, too rainy or windy. You won’t be forced to pack up your furniture each time the weather turns bad, instead, you can stay out in mild temperatures and enjoy the fresh air. Even rainy days can be relaxing once you are dry and still able to enjoy the sound of droplets while outside.

They Keep the Inside Cool

Patio Cover

This is probably the one benefit that is rarely appreciated or noticed. A high-quality patio cover can act as your home’s first line of defence system against the sun’s infrared rays which when absorbed will eventually raise the temperature of your home.

They Help Extend Your Furniture’s Life

Besides infrared rays, a high-quality cover or shed online stores offer will reflect harmful ultraviolet rays too. The UV radiation can damage everyday objects, causing them to fade and lose their store-bought colour and overall condition. Apart from damaging sun rays, by investing in a cover patio you will protect your yard furniture from the rain too. Moisture can breed mould and, in time the furniture won’t be usable anymore. A patio cover can prolong its lifespan and save you money as you won’t need to reupholster or completely replace the furniture pieces.

They Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Shed Outdoor Space

All in all, the patio cover is actually a stunning shade solution that can boost your curb appeal. Its design is supposed to complement the rest of your facade and create a look that is easy on the eyes. There are different designs and sizes made to fit your needs perfectly. For easier comparison, you can look through the models of patio shed online and find the one that meets your preferences. Moreover, you can add décor pieces to the area and additionally jazz up the place. You can include lights or lanterns, or even banners and signs fitting for parties or for day-to-day use.

It’s Not Hard to Keep Them Properly Maintained

Shed 3

As stated before, patio covers are made to keep you away from sunrays and moisture. Well, exactly those issues can be the cause of mould or mildew that can appear on the cover itself. You need to make sure that this is avoided by properly cleaning the space. These look bad and are also harmful to your health and the fact that you are outside doesn’t mean that the hazard posed by mould and mildew is any less real or dangerous. In order to clean it up, you should mix a third of detergent, two-thirds of trisodium phosphate powder (TSP), a quart of bleach and three quarts of water into a cleaning solution. Apply this on the affected area and it should remove the mould or mildew without affecting the structure of the patio cover.

Author: Christina Stone

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