Making a Home Homely: There Are More Ways Than One

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Making a Home Homely: There Are More Ways Than One

Not every home feels like one, regardless whether you own it or rent it, and that’s not what a home is supposed to be – just a building you happen to live in. If this sounds like you, it might be due to a lack of one of the essential ingredients needed to make a home homely, which is cosiness.

Express Yourself

While there are many ingredients to it, the basic one would be modern designer furniture. Even if modern isn’t your first choice when it comes to style, thanks to how extensive the range of furniture pieces is, you’re sure to find just the right ones that would help you express your personality the best, an aspect connected to cosiness.

You don’t have to go for a huge makeover to be able to accomplish a soulful transformation, even a couple of pieces would do. To make the most of the purchase, that is if you haven’t made up your mind yet on what it is you want to buy, it’s advisable to consider furniture that offers stylishness and functionality at the same time, in the example of chic storage cases (great for curbing clutter!), side tables that could serve as coffee tables as well or poufs that double as footrests and chairs.

This being said, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the wanted outcome so there shouldn’t be any income excuses in preventing this much-needed change. Apart from the modern designer furniture, you could give other furnishings a try too, from decorative accessories, such as fancy mirrors that look like artworks, to fittings.

Speaking of fittings, window treatments like both curtains and blinds are an easy way to own your windows, i.e. customise your dwelling by choosing the coverings that most speak of you. Apart from this effect, they’re sure to have a greater impact on the interior décor as a whole as well, adding a warmer tone to it and proving to be essential with temperature control.

Choose the Tones

When it comes to tones, you should think of the palette you most want in your abode, whatever says comfort most to you; perhaps it’s greys you’re after, earthy tones in brown and stone, soft pink or cream – the first step in filing up your living space with it is deciding which colour, then choose the furnishings.

Even if you don’t find furniture in the desired colour for example, you could always get the help of accessories in the form of cushions and throws, lots and lots of them (more are better than none!) both of which are ideal elements when you want to inject some texture.

The wall colour isn’t to be underestimated also knowing how big of a surface it takes up. If you decide to keep it simple with shades of white, it’s easy to fill up the vast space with your favourite pieces of art, including some you’ve created and those that remind you of your family and childhood because what speaks more personalised than this?!

Bring Nature Inside

Nature is never going out of style, so you won’t risk it if you invite more of it in your nest. This could be accomplished in numerous ways, starting from the addition of plants, meaning you have all the freedom you want to play with various types of foliage, opt for wood floors, and bring more natural light by undertaking a more serious project like getting larger windows.

What I love about this solution, plants specifically, is that it has its role in effortlessly filling up empty spaces and improving the air quality at the same time. If you’re struggling with watering chores, then low-maintenance greenery is what you should be after. Now, to eliminate the chance for indoor pollution, apart from plants, it’s best to get in the habit of being wise with the materials you invite in your home.

This is possible by opting for organic materials, such as different types of modern designer furniture pieces made from sustainable wood, natural fibre, paints that are low VOC, and buying eco-friendly cleaning products.

Cosy Lighting

The power of lighting can do wonders for your interior much like the furniture, as long as you go for the soft glow instead of the glaring bright lights, of course. In terms of fixtures, there’s plenty to choose from, and you can even vary several types to create a more eye-catching result.

Opting for dimmers would help you out immensely when you’re in need of an intimate and romantic ambiance, though candles can do the trick too and the candle holders are an extra feature in adding a little bit of drama to the interior décor.

The Details

You’ve heard this before, beauty is in the details, and it really is so, particularly the smaller ones though not many of us give them the needed attention. A nice example would be the door knobs and handles, small details that could bring about an immediate change. If you don’t have sufficient amount of money, you could always replace those old knobs and handles!

What Causes Dandruff? Tips to Manage a Flaky Scalp

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What Causes Dandruff? Tips to Manage a Flaky Scalp

Dandruff is the flaking of skin on the scalp – a condition that is never fun to deal with. Unfortunately, with the seasons changing, dandruff can be unavoidable as many people end up suffering from dry scalps during the colder months. It typically occurs when the skin of the scalp starts to peel off. Although it is normal for the skin to exfoliate, it really becomes a problem when the amount of dandruff becomes an eyesore. (more…)

Daring Design: How to Make a Statement with Wall Murals

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Daring Design: How to Make a Statement with Wall Murals

Are you tired of living in a space that feels too safe and unoriginal? Well, you might want to consider spicing it up with a gorgeous wall mural. Decorative wall murals can be an affordable way to add a dramatic statement to any room. Plus, they don’t take up any space, block the flow of traffic or obstruct electrical outlets.

Murals are also easy to install and remove which makes them a convenient solution should you ever change your mind and want to get back to the boring reality. And since they don’t leave any damage behind on the wall, they are also a viable option if you’re renting a place temporarily. And once you install your mural, you don’t even have to dust it like you would with hanging art.

But despite the fact that murals are low-maintenance, affordable and easy to install, many people are still cautious about trying them out as they are massive and instantly noticeable. However, when you have the right vision and choose the right mural for it, it can make a beautiful impact without being overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to pick wall murals that can make the right statement depending on the effect you want to achieve.

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What’s the Difference between a Jumpsuit, Romper and Playsuit?

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Tips on Using Outdoor Dog Enclosures & the Different Types

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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Small House Lift for Your Needs

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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Small House Lift for Your Needs

Purchasing a home lift is definitely a worthwhile investment and that’s for some many great reasons. They increase the convenience of moving within your home and increase the resale value of your property. Furthermore, they are a great ally for people dealing with mobility issues, which means that you do not need to move out of your two-story house. Plus, they are very convenient if you need to move furniture, and it is also worth taking into account that they take up less space than stairs! However, before purchasing a residential lift, there are some factors to consider to make the most out of your investment for the future. For that very reason, here is a small guide on what to look for when buying a small house lift. (more…)

Reasons Why Investing in a Portable Camping Gazebo Is a Smart Idea

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Reasons Why Investing in a Portable Camping Gazebo Is a Smart Idea

Shade is one of the most basic requirements when adventuring in the Australian outback as nothing ruins a camping trip like badly sunburnt or wet outdoor enthusiasts. Sure, trees can provide good shade, but what happens if there are no trees near your campsite? Or what happens when that shady morning spot is in the direct line of the harsh western sun as it sets? Portable camping gazebos are an excellent choice in this case as they are a great multi-purpose shade solution. Whether you’re a camper, backyard BBQ host, love a day trip to the park or beach or love cheering from the sidelines at weekend sport, you will love these structures. Let’s take a look at why they’re popping up all over the place with their stunning popularity.


Explore the Universe: Get a Star Map

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Explore the Universe: Get a Star Map

Isn’t it exciting to think how stargazing is one of the activities we get to share with ancestors? The mysteries of the universe and what’s out there beyond our planet have been the subjects of wonder for millennia, leading to the beginning of astronomy in ancient times with civilisations such as the Babylonians, Chinese and Egyptians known for their star charts and catalogues.

Used not only for the identification and location of stars but also of other astronomical objects such as constellations, planets and galaxies, they helped humanity over the centuries in how to explain the sky, the motions of the stars and occurrences for instance, and use that knowledge in their favour to improve the quality of living, in particular aspects such as agriculture and navigation.

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3…2…1… Blast Off: Cool & Educational Space-Themed Toys for Your Child

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3…2…1… Blast Off: Cool & Educational Space-Themed Toys for Your Child

Some kids like cars, others like animals, and then there are the ones that are super into space-stuff. From powerful rockets to colourful planets and mysterious aliens – space has always captured the rich imagination of children. So, if your kid is fascinated by astronomy, the best way to surprise him or her is with a cool space-themed toy.

The great thing about space-themed toys is that they can also be educational at the same time. Not only can space-themed toys teach children about the Solar System and the planets it includes, but they can also inspire them to think about the vast possibilities that go beyond the limits of our planet. Here are some of the best types of space-themed toys that can provide hours of fun and educational play.

solar-system-model (more…)

Create a Soothing Bedroom with the Help of Scandi Furniture

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Create a Soothing Bedroom with the Help of Scandi Furniture

The bedroom is probably the most personal space in your home reserved for isolation and rest. In light of that, you want it to be soothing and comfortable and design it with elements that inspire peace and tranquility. Well, it has been proven times and times again that it is precisely Scandinavian bedroom furniture pieces which can help homeowners achieve that type of atmosphere with ease.

Firstly, buying Scandinavian bedroom furniture pieces is a smart move since provided you are getting yours from a reliable seller, you can be sure that you are investing in something you’ll cherish for years to come. All of this is mainly due to the materials chosen along with the craftsmanship. Wood is a common material of choice, mainly since it’s extremely durable and helps bring in the charm of the outdoors inside, thus creating a warm and cosy ambience which is essential for making the bedroom feel inviting. Sturdy, rich wood types like oak, walnut and maple are usually what’s used to create Scandinavian style beds, bedside tables and storage units.

Secondly, although these furniture pieces look very simple, they also look like pieces of art. Perhaps, that’s what it took for the style to win over the hearts of homeowners all over the world. These furniture pieces are utterly functional, but still feature interesting lines that give them a sculptural vibe. Everything is centered around simplistic elegance, functionality and durability.

Thirdly, even if you are someone that often like to change things up, and you think that maybe next year you’ll want to achieve something different with your bedroom, these pieces are still a great investment since they are versatile enough and can fit well in many other design settings, such as industrial, mid-century modern, contemporary and maybe even vintage. Sticking to clean and simple lines and avoiding ornate pieces can be a much better choice since this way, you can change things up by adding different decor items whenever you want, while keeping the furniture.

For instance, a simple and clean-lined bed made of oak makes for a durable and timeless bedroom piece. A square bedside table with straight lines for easy placement and drawers for all your bits and pieces in natural colours can blend in easily and be a base for various style changes in future without dominating the room. Also, something like a frameless mirror can enhance the space much more than one which comes in a frame that might overwhelm the space. It will not impose a theme to your bedroom and it can match both classic and contemporary settings.