Which Type of Fridge is Best For Which Type of Kitchen?

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Which Type of Fridge is Best For Which Type of Kitchen?

There are two basic types of fridges. Those that are used in restaurants and those that are used in homes. There are obviously a lot of differences between the two simply because of the exact tasks they need to perform. But seeing as how their basic function is still to keep things cool, a lot of people think that every type of fridge is the same. Now, while this is definitely wrong, the question whether there are at least some that can be used in both situations, is a good one.

commercial refrigeration unit (more…)

The Use of Natural Skin Care Products: What Well-being is All About

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The Use of Natural Skin Care Products: What Well-being is All About

I always argue with people who say technology has only brought about the bad stuff. Can you really complain when you have the possibility to get to do shopping without even stepping out of your home? Or can you blame it on the social networks for enabling us to stay in touch with loved ones all over the globe? Didn’t think so.

What I also love about technology is how close it helps us get to information we require. For instance, many of us feel motivated to make groundbreaking lifestyle changes, opting for healthy and organic food choices, and the different types of exercise.

When trying to do so myself, I came across information showing me it wasn’t enough. My realisation was that it also takes making changes in the products we use on a daily basis, which is why I ditched the chemicals and went for the natural skin care products. As I learned along the way, not everything you see among organic is in fact organic.

This taught me the lesson to pay attention to labels, looking only for ACO (Australian Certified Organic) products, that have a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients (grown without toxic pesticides, and fertilisers), with the remaining 5 or so of not categorised antioxidants and minerals.

The natural skin care products I piled up on contain active vitamins, plant extracts, and pure essential oils. After buying my first rosehip oil with anti-ageing properties, I just kept on buying because not only do these products have a natural, lasting fragrance, that fills up my interior atmosphere so nicely, they also make my skin that much softer.

organic skin care products1

Products that aren’t organic don’t have this effect on my skin, and even worse – lead to pore clogging. Imagine how much they actually fill the body with toxins… That’s the kind of dirt that doesn’t come off with a simple wash, so it’s not surprising you don’t feel that well-being you thought you would even with food and exercise changes.

Sure, the more than commercialized skin products are more affordable than organic, but taking the effects of both into account, in the long run it’s much more of a valuable investment to buy organic – my skin is soft, rejuvenated, with a healthy glow, I feel healthy, what’s not to like? Need I mention it’s more eco-friendly too?

Besides, anytime I want to pamper myself, I use the bathroom as my spa, fill it up with some essential oil aromas, and enjoy my “me time” relaxing. So, on the question whether or not I’d recommend the use of natural skin care, the answer is none other than yes.

LED: Smart Illumination for a More Efficient Home

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LED: Smart Illumination for a More Efficient Home

Thanks to the continuous advancement of technology, a wide range of devices have become an indispensable part of our homes, so much so there are about three devices per person in a household in Australia, a number that’s expected to increase considerably this year. (more…)

Camping Adventures: Think of the Basics, and Take to the Road

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Camping Adventures: Think of the Basics, and Take to the Road

Forget about the world for a while, and go make lifelong memories in the grand outdoors, bonding with loved ones. Yes, camping is calling out for you. When you live in Australia, it’s always the right time to take to the road, simply because camping is ingrained in our genes; though everything changes, our love for camping doesn’t – we have a timeless affair with camping!

It doesn’t matter what you’re into, whether you prefer more comfort and staying in touch with civilisation, or are seeking a sort of Bear Grylls backpacking experience, there’s the right camping style for everyone’s taste. Just don’t forget to get down to the nitty gritty of packing the adequate camping gear.


Depending on how you camp, this can be starting from the tent with a sleeping bag, dome swag with mattress, or awnings for 4×4, or campervan which leads us to the important point: decide on your camping style, and consider the sleeping, and resting essentials.

If you have a campervan, you have the chance to change the mattress to your liking. Don’t forget, camping gear also includes furniture, in the likes of foldable chairs and table sets, with much-needed armrests and cup-holders. It’s all about comfort and convenience.

In terms of this, there are different aspects to look into when buying camping gear, such as weight, and materials it’s made of, whether it’s compact enough to pack up, and whether it provides enough shelter from the weather conditions (think tent and awnings).

It’s the outdoors, and it gets dark – duh. Having this in mind, it’s never too much to pile up on lighting sources, be that lanterns, torches, or headlamps. Now that LEDs have become popular, and affordable, you can easily find the lighting products that most suit you, resting assured you’d get adequate light output, without worrying about the batteries.

It’s needless to say you have to have some means to find your way around, and while GPS devices are more than acceptable, they’re not always easy to decipher, so make sure you carry paper maps with you, and look well into them prior to taking to the road.

Camping doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. You can still try out new healthy recipes outdoors; for this, it’s important to find the reliable camping cookbooks, and cookware – from campstoves, or Dutch ovens, to pans, pots, and your favourite coffee mug.

In relation, you are advised to think of how you’d freeze specific products. If you can carry more load, you can carry a mini freezer, if not, you can pile up on food that doesn’t go stale that quickly, and use frozen vegetables to keep other ingredients cold.

As for clothing, warm and dry for winter, and lightweight and breathable for summer camping adventures. Good boots are a must regardless of the season, as well as sunscreen, sunglasses, hate, and of course, bug repellents. Last but not least, two essential kits: tools, and first aid, because you never know when someone might be in need of medications, or bandages, and getting out of sticky mud situation.

Living Rooms and Sofas: The Everlasting Couples

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Living Rooms and Sofas: The Everlasting Couples

If you ever wondered what the proof of a timeless relationship looks like, just take the living room and the sofa as an example. That’s an everlasting bond, that no trend or time can break. Sure, some people go for the no-sofa minimalist approach, opting for a pair of armchairs instead, but can they really compare with the sofa comfort?
Contemporary Sofa Bed
After all, what’s in a living room without the much needed comfort, right? Picture this: a cosy contemporary sofa bed, its cosiness, and you putting your feet up, relaxing, and calling it a day, as you watch favourite shows, and films.

Don’t forget the sofa is also focal point, so it has a role in the interior décor at the same time. As such, it’s important not to rush into the purchase decision, but take specific aspects into consideration, in the likes of trend, which refers to style, then craftsmanship, related to durability, and of course colour, shape, and size.

Buying a sofa means buying a piece of furniture to stand the test of time, something that you’d use for the next ten years or so; not surprisingly, the contemporary sofa bed can match up that challenge. As a style, the contemporary has made it such a trend because it’s current, and also looking to the future, unlike the past-oriented modern.

The typical smooth, and clean lines of contemporary, in a combination with neutral colours, give you as much decorating freedom as possible, both with covers and cushions. This goes to show this sort of sofa bed can fit in with various interior styles as well. As soon as you’ve measured up the area properly, you can start looking for the sofa bed that would be the perfect fit; small sofas are great for small living rooms, and vice versa.

Having in mind you can easily do the purchase online, where it’s also possible to find better deals, make sure you have it all sorted out in terms of delivery, and getting the sofa bed inside. In case you have narrow halls, doorways, and staircase, it may be advisable to assemble it yourself.

Another aspect of essence is the design, and function respectively. Depending on whether you live on your own, as a family, or get to be the ideal host every once in a while and have guests sleep over, you can choose from compact two-seaters, to those multi-purpose, foldable ones that easily turn into comfy beds. If you consider these aspects, you can’t go wrong with shopping.

LED Headlamps: Navigate Through Darkness with Ease

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LED Headlamps: Navigate Through Darkness with Ease

Lights are one of the top 5 essentials for any camping checklist, right after the tent, sleeping bags, and food. You simply cannot venture out in nature without some sort of portable light to help you navigate through the darkness. In case you haven’t heard, there are no street lamps on eucalyptus trees deep within the forest, which means you should bring a reliable and convenient lighting solution with you.

Among the various portable lights out there, not one can beat the benefits that LED headlamps offer. They enable you to have hands-free convenience while you’re pitching your tent at night, hiking after dusk, or just looking for something in your backpack. Many experienced campers today rely exclusively on headlamps to guide them through the night.


Before you explore the wide range of LED headlamps Australian stores offer, consider what you are going to be using your torch for. If you’re planning to use it only for things like cooking and walking around the camping spot, a simple model might provide you with just the right amount of convenience.

However, if you plan on heading off to night expeditions, a headlamp with a powerful long distance beam, also called a spotlight, will help you navigate the trail better. If you want versatility, then an adjustable model that allows you to switch between a spotlight and a regular softer beam can be a more cost-efficient choice.

Thanks to the increasingly bright and efficient LED bulbs, even general purpose headlamps can provide you with a good amount of light. However, if brightness is extremely important for you, you should pay close attention to the lumen ratings of the headlamps. Lumens measure the total quantity of light emitted in all directions, and a headlamp with high lumen ratings will consume more energy and produce brighter light. Today, there are some models of head torches that offer 2300 lumens of light, giving you enough raw power to ride through rough mountain tracks with a bike as if it’s still daytime.

Of course, when choosing a headlamp, it’s also important to consider the type of batteries it uses. The benefit of using conventional alkaline batteries is that you can replace them easily with spare ones, if you do carry some with you. On the other hand, there’s a lot more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly choice – lithium rechargeable batteries. A LED headlamp running on rechargeable batteries can be easily recharged from your car’s charger or a portable USB charger. No waste, no pollution. Genius.

Finally, you should also make sure the headlamp you buy is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Consider materials such as military grade aluminium and rechargeable batteries for the ultimate lightweight combination. Also, you’d want to have a secure and snug fit that will prevent the light from falling off but also won’t feel too tight. For that reason, make sure the headlamp comes with an adjustable strap.

Say Goodbye to Flies and Insects with Security Fly Screens

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Say Goodbye to Flies and Insects with Security Fly Screens

Most of the tourists that visit Australia speak about the wonderful things they’ve seen on their trip: the national parks, the beaches, the Sidney Opera House etc. Sometimes, there are those that are quite overwhelmed by other things, like the size of the bugs we got here for example. It’s a standard fact that Australia’s extreme climate has made this place a home for some of the most fascinating insects in the world and while tourists might find it amusing, for those of us who live in Australia, this type of problem can be really exhausting. There are a few ways of coping with this issue, but the most permanent and easiest one is to install security fly screens. (more…)

Bringing the Indoors Out: How to Make your Outside Space the Place to Be

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Bringing the Indoors Out: How to Make your Outside Space the Place to Be

Now that we’re very well into summer, I’m sure you feel the urge to spend as much time outside as possible, until the cold kicks in again. While you can head out to any park or bar with a nice outdoor terrace, getting there could take a long and exhausting trip which you might not even be in the mood for after a hard day’s work. On the other hand, if you have a nice backyard, you can simply bring your indoors out and enjoy lounging in the fresh air any time you want. Here are some ideas on how to maximise your outdoor comfort. (more…)

How to Design a Healthy Nursery that Inspires Growth and Creativity

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How to Design a Healthy Nursery that Inspires Growth and Creativity

There’s no happier feeling in life than finding out you’re about to become a parent. But after the initial excitement, you’ll realise there’s a lot to prepare for and you only got a limited amount time. So, better start now! As a new parent, one of the first things on your mind will probably be the nursery.

When you’re designing your baby’s nursery, everyone is going to voice their opinions (just like with pregnancy and child rearing in general). However, it’s important to remember that there’s no right or wrong way and it’s really all up to you. With that in mind, what you should really strive to achieve is a healthy and safe place that can inspire growth and creativity. (more…)

Why Water Chillers are so Important Yet Always Overlooked

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Why Water Chillers are so Important Yet Always Overlooked

A few years ago I had to go to my local mechanic to fix up a few problems that my car had developed. He examined it, and told me all of the parts that would need to be replaced. No surprise, the estimate turned out pretty costly, so in an effort to reduce the price, I remember asking him to only replace what I thought were the most crucial components, neglecting the water pump since I didn’t believe it was an important item. Well, after my car broke down two days later because the engine overheated, it can safely be said that I was proven to be very wrong on that point.

Water chiller (more…)