A Guide to Decorating Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro

Every Christmas movie shows the process of decorating the tree as a calm and warm activity that brings families together. But, in reality, things are often different. You’re trying to untangle the string lights, forgot where you put the ornaments last year, and sometimes you have trouble tying the whole look together. Decorating the Christmas tree is often easier said than done. It’s an actual work that takes time, planning and of course shopping for the right Christmas ornaments.

Decorating a Christmas tree

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But, no matter how challenging it can be, the final result of seeing the tree gracing your space is worth the effort. All those lovely Christmas decorations, calming lights, red, green and golden colours create the much-needed cosy and festive ambience for the season. If you want to decorate your tree a bit different this year (without all the stress and challenges), we have several tips on how to start and finish the entire project.

Buy a Quality Christmas Tree

Instead of getting a natural, chopped tree which can badly affect the environment, we suggest you go for an artificial one. Yes, we know that fake trees don’t have that lovely scent, but nature has already suffered, so it’s time for us to do something about it. Plus, an artificial tree will last for years. Our suggestion is to go for a traditional tree, instead of the trendy ones (unless you want to buy a new one after a few years). Consider models that offer easy setup and storage (you’ll thank us later).

Pick a Theme

If you want your tree to look like those you see in department stores or on Instagram, you should pick a specific theme. This will help you choose the right Christmas decorations and give you an idea on how to combine them. For instance, you can go for a rustic theme, hygge, Renaissance, vintage or any other picture-perfect Christmas tree theme that you feel like enjoying during the festive season year.

Lights First

Although the market offers pre-lit Christmas trees (it’ll save you time and money), keep in mind that the lights always come first as per tradition. If you have a plain tree, add the lights right at the start, before you add the rest of the decorations. Use the plug as a starting point and then wrap the string around your tree’s trunk, up to the top. Evenly wrap the lights around the branches that are closest to the trunk. When weaving the lights, one bulb should be under the branch and the next one over it.

You can add several light strings (if your tree is large) or if you want the lights to dominate. Make sure the colour of the lights matches the theme (go with soft yellow for a rustic theme, white for a sleek modern one, or colourful for an energetic light show).

Decorating Your Christmas tree

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Consider All the Options for Christmas Decorations


If you want to stick to the classic ornaments and create a timeless look, go with baubles (many of them). The market today offers various packages of three, six, twelve and more baubles. You can hang them close to the centre for more depth. Use the smaller ones at the end of the branches. The delicate ones can go at the top (so you prevent them from breaking and keep them away from curious hands and paws if you have kids and pets).

Depending on the look you want to go for, you can pick baubles in contrasting colours or a single shade. If you’re wondering how many of these you would need, we’d say about 80 if your tree is over 2 metres tall.

Tree Picks

These Christmas items are available in all forms, sizes and colours. You can enrich your Christmas tree with glittery twigs, pinecones, branches and even colourful twigs. Most people love how those poinsettia flowers which give a festive freshness to the tree. You can jazz things up with several clip-on magnolias or a few sparkly clip-on birds.

Even if your tree seems simple (decorated with monochromatic baubles), these few items can make it look grand and festive. Add one clip-on flower or glittery branch into your small tree and make it look noticeable in a tasteful way. Or you can add several of these tree picks to your big tree to match it with the rest of your home decor theme.


Another great way to fill the gaps on your Christmas tree is to use decorative ribbons. Go with one type of ribbon, or mix two pairs in contrasting colours, widths and textures. If you want to make them pop, go for colours that are different from the rest of your ornaments.

The Ornament on Top

The most important decoration of the tree goes at the top. According to the history of the Christmas tree, there have been two options of decorations for the top – a star or an angel. You can stay true to the tradition and add a large, sparkly star or a lovely angel on the top. But, you can also go with a crown tree topper that would make your tree the king of the season. This could especially work if your entire theme is royal. You can also add a fairy tree topper if you want to make it look whimsical. The topper should be suitable for your tree size and also, should not weigh too much and disrupt the balance of the tree.

Decorating a Christmas tree

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Tree Skirt

And finally, you can add a Christmas tree skirt to complete the entire decoration. These skirts will cover the not-so-aesthetic ‘legs’ of the tree. Also, they protect the carpets and the floor from any fallen pine needles (in case you go with a real tree). It’s a final touch that works great as a backdrop for your Christmas presents.

Author: Christina Stone

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